Service Fees

No Hidden Fees. No Surprises!

Buy and Sell coin operations on CofredCoin

CofredCoin does not charge any extra fees when buying or selling coins! Our fees are included in the exchange rates that we offer.

These includes mobile money or credit card or network processing fees! We decided to use this process to help you understand easily the cost of these coins against your local currency without having to do too many calculations. Our exchange rates are displayed on the main page of our website or on our mobile applications, depending on your location or default currency.

Send and Receive coin operations on CofredCoin

When you send coins to a Cofredcoin user, there is no fee as well as when sending coins to any other coin address.

There is no fee for receiving coin on your CofredCoin wallet. However, there is a miner transaction fees which is been charged by the coin network for sending coins on our platform! Furthermore, the coin transaction mining fee changes for sending coin to any coin address within the past few months has be very low.

Storing coins on CofredCoin

There is no fee to store your Bitcoin or any other offerred coin on Cofredcoin wallet! There are no monthly account maintance fees or anything of such. All addresses on our system are on-chain and that makes them publicly auditable through third-party Block Explorers. You can always verify your CofredCoin wallet balances are accurate using a block explorer of your choice.

P.S: Exchange or transaction fees are subject to changes without notice. You will see our exchange rates or coin network fees before every transaction.